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28 ก.พ. 2009 17:21น.

Mycology Laboratory

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Under the direction of

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leka  Manoch       Dr.Onuma Piasai           Assoc. Prof. Niphon Visarathanonth      

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Assoc. Prof. Narong Singburaudom       Dr.Tida Dethoup

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Under the direction of :

Associate Professor Dr. Leka  Manoch

Dr.Onuma Piasai

Research Area  of interests :

Diversity, taxonomic study, antagonistic effect against plant pathogenic fungi and  secondary   metabolites of coprophilous and soil fungi

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Research Programs

Diversity of coprophilous fungi and their utilization in agriculture

Diversity and distribution of coprophilous fungi were recorded in many countries. The studies on secondary metabolites of some coprophilous fungi with  potent antifungal and antibacterial activities have been reported, such as Podospora communis and P. pleiospora. It is very important to study coprophilous fungi in Thailand, because these fungi were poorly known   with the only significant records. Hence, more investigations on coprophilous fungi need to be carried out in this tropical region for the discovery of new taxa.

The purposes of this research were

1) to study the morphology and distribution of coprophilous fungi on various dung samples from different locations, 

2) to test for antagonistic activity of coprophilous fungi against some species of plant pathogenic fungi and 

3) to investigate secondary metabolites from coprophilous fungi

Application of Physic Nut for Control Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Physic nut (Jatropha curcas) is a field crop in which extracted oil from seeds is directly used as biodiesel fuel with agricultural farm engine machines. The aim of this project was to study the application of physic nut for control some species of plant pathogenic fungi.

Diversity of fungi

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Under the direction of:

Associate Professor Niphon Visarathanonth                                     

Laboratory Research Themes  : Fruit crop diseases and their control on both pre and postharvest  fruit storage by chemical and physical means. Plant disease diagnosis and digital data conducting included 

Previous Researches were field and postharvest disease control of mangoes, grapes, rambutans, guava,  peaches, pears and strawberry with selected fungicides, carbondioxide treated storage mango for shelf life expansion, calcium chloride treated guava fruits against postharvest diseases of postharvest guava fruits.

Present Researches are on digital data compilation of plant diseases and their fungal pathogens, Physic nut diseases and management.

Research Programs

           The project is aimed to illustrate digital recordings of disease symptoms through a flat bed scanner and digital camera attaching microscope adapter. Digital photomicrography data of the pathogens and disease symptoms were then, compiled in an A4 paper sheet for disease learning contents and more than 100 specimens were recorded

          Target host crops are economic and wild plants including weeds in order to seek alternate crops as host the pathogens. This long term project could guide a relationship of pathogenic fungi and host crops and as compendia of crop diseases. Physic nut is and oil crop serves as alternative bio-diesel oil has been wildly grown in the country and faced with disease outbreak is also conducted with this practice.

We have  4  Ph.D. students in our unit. 


Miss Jitra KOKAEW

Thesis Topic: Endophytic Fungi in Medicinal Plants and Their Applications

Mister Amnat EAMVIJARN

Thesis Topic: -

Mrs. Siangjeaw PIRIYAPRIN

Thesis Topic: -

Mrs. Kawinnat BUARUANG

Thesis Topic: -




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